What’s New at 25

Lately life has been more like …


And less like …


With Valentine’s Day, my 25th birthday, and a way too many night shifts thrown together in a row, I have had a two week hiatus of treats and comfort food. Time to reset my nutritional and training focus.

I have learned over the years that daily exercise makes me make better choices. When I go a day without exercise, I find that I am not as concerned with food as fuel but more so food to satisfy cravings. I am learning each day what I need to feel my best.

Which brings me to …



my next CrossFit competition! I have not done an individual competition since August 2014, and I am really excited about buckling down my training. The competition just happens to be at the gym where I first discovered this sport, Fitbodies CrossFit in Bloomington, IL. I know it is going to be really competitive, but I know it will be good for me to compete against women who have the strength and drive to go that extra mile. Devoting myself to a better training schedule and planning out my weeks workouts, will help me to stay on track as I prepare for this competition.

Week of February 23, 2015 schedule:

  • Monday– CrossFit Invictus Competitors Programming
  • Tuesday– Swim
  • Wednesday– Rest
  • Thursday– CrossFit Invictus Competitors Programming
  • Friday– CrossFit Invictus Competitors Programming/ Open Workout 15.1
  • Saturday– CrossFit Invictus Competitors Programming
  • Sunday– Rest

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